Hlaing Bwa

Hlaing Bwa 002

“Bagan Market”
Acrylic, 49cm x 100cm, 2012

Hlaing Bwa’s best works capture the beauty, melancholia and emotional nuances of femininity and nature in all its forms. A life-long impressionist, his favourite subjects include female and child portraits and Myanmar landscapes in oil and acrylic. Although a simple and quiet person, Hlaing Bwa’s works project an emotional vitality and boldness even in his depictions of routine everyday life. His unique impressionistic approach to colour in particular creates an emotional resonance that underlines his status as one of the leading senior painters.  Among his key influences are Myanmar masters U Ba Nyan, U Ba Yin Galay and U Lun Gywe.  His favourite foreign artists include Monet, Picasso and John Singer Sergeant. His art works have exhibited in over 14 shows overseas including USA, Europe, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. .… read more 

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